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9. Jojo's Mag Issue 9 President Adama Barrow -February 2017


Jojo's Mag -May 2016 - Cover

Jojo’s Mag is Gambian Magazine aimed at connecting you to Africans home & abroad. Jojo’s Mag is a high quality magazine printed in the UK. It is made available both in hard and soft copy with back issues made available free online using an innovative e-publishing technology with electronic page-flipping capabilities which gives it the look and feel of a hard copy version which in modem times means information at the tip of the consumer’s finger.

The latest issue may be available for sale at a location near you. Contact or through Facebook. We are about positive media and in Jojo’s Mag, everyone is a celebrity!

One of our main objectives is to project an image of African excellence through its lifestyle and natural beauty from the fashion, arts, culture, tourism and entertainment, starting off with West Africa as our kick off point. We make that possible through partnership working with local journalists, photographers and event organisares.

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9. Jojo's Mag Issue 9 President Adama Barrow -February 201736